Cody DiGerolamo is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/actor from Los Angeles. He was named Republic of Pie's "Featured Artist of the Month” in 2013 as well as one of Music Connection’s “HOT 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands” in 2014.

This storyteller has developed a style that marries melody and meaning with a fresh coat of soul. Per Music Connection’s Ted Jamison, “… DiGerolamo brings a varied set of rock, folk and synth/electronic tunes with an independent, DIY ethos ... DiGerolamo is refreshingly undecorated in guitar and vocal work. His solos are intentionally picked instead of shredded and his vocal is a rather non-traditional, clean tenor with no vibrato … a duality of a perfectionistic, “work-in-progress” mentality juxtaposed with a devil-may-care, punk rock attitude … an original, genre-bending sound paired with a marketable image leave DiGerolamo well poised for management or label representation …”

After taking an eight year hiatus from acting to concentrate on his music, Cody has jumped back in booking a Christmas campaign for "Best Buy” opposite Maya Rudolph, a National "McDonald's" campaign for the Olympics and can be seen aging through the years for “Food Lion”. He was also seen as Beckett in the MTV series "Happyland” and has shot numerous print campaigns for companies such as “AT&T”, “Zipcar” and if you happen to be in Europe you might be able to catch a glimpse of him in a European "Fiat" campaign.